Since 2006 the korean stationary brand Jstory - short for Joyful story - creates personal products which are both practical and stylish.
Jstory would also like to deliver warmth and small enjoyment to all friends of their products.

They design small spaces on the paper that make us smile and can be used as a way to make something special.

Like spring breeze, early morning sunshine, autumn leaves…



Seit 2006 kreiert die koreanische Marke Jstory Produkte für den persönlichen Gebrauch, die sowohl praktisch als auch stylish sind.
Ihre Planer, Notizbücher, Blöcke, Sticker und und und sind jung, frisch, witzig und es macht Spaß sie täglich zu benutzen. 



BREVI MANU Inc. distributes JSTORY
in Germany, Benelux, Austria and Switzerland.
For further information we appreciate your contact.